Easy Halloween Treats


These were the easiest treats to make.. and Easton was able to help every step of the way. For these you will need a pack of oreos, mini chocolate chips and white chocolate for melting (I used Ghirardelli white chocolate melting wafers). Easton was a big fan!! You could save a lot of time by finding little candy eyes, but I did not have any luck with them!

To melt the chocolate, I dumped all of the wafers into a medium sized mixing bowl. Then warm in the microwave in 15 second increments, stirring between each one. You want the chocolate to be creamy and without chunks, but not so warm that it’s really runny. I ended up going too long on mine so we just waited a bit for it to cool off.

Now it’s time to make them pretty! Pour the warm chocolate into a ziploc bag and cut the corner off. With quick motions, squeeze the white chocolate onto the bottom two-thirds of the oreos. Once your done with that, go back and place two drops for the eyes and drop the chocolate chips into them quickly. These cool fast making this part is a little more time consuming.. but oh so worth it. 🙂

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