Bedroom Refresh & 5 Tips For Styling Your Nightstands


Being at the bottom of our priority list- our master bedroom has taken a long time to get to where it is today. We have painted it three times in the last few years and each time I struggled with decorating to reflect our style. My goal was to create a space that was cozy, neutral and warm.. a place that felt like a retreat. Before we narrowed down a paint color I created this design board to work from.

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Once I had a design plan in mind I got to work on paint samples. A lot of paint samples.. you can never try too many. I really took my time with this step to be sure we found the perfect one that would bring my vision to life.

Paint Color: Magnolia – Yarn

Once the painting was complete it was time to get to work on the design! I purchased new linens and throw pillows while incorporating our existing furniture and shopping our home for decor. As you know- I have an entire closet full of decorations, so it made sense to utilize those items (I will do my best to link the items or find something similar!).

Here are some tips I focused on while styling our nightstands to be functional and pretty! I also created a roundup of my favorite decor items to include here.

1. Start with a lamp

The first thing I add to any nightstand is a lamp. I chose this simple style for our bedroom because I didn’t want it covering too much of the window, but I originally envisioned one of these below in the space.

1) Concrete Lamp

2) Glass & Brass Lamp

3) Brass Lamp

2. Incorporate Books

Over the last year I have fallen in love with books. Not just any books, but the kind that are pretty, full of inspiration, and you cannot help but pick them up to see what is inside. Those are my jam and I am constantly searching for ones to add to my collection. I utilize these to add height and make accessories look intentional and pulled together.

To see these decorative books and more, click here.

3. Use Practical Items

I cannot emphasize this one enough.. for years I would put all kinds of pretty things on our nightstands and they would just get cluttered with the things we actually use and need. To keep our nightstands nice we use coasters for our water each night, so I made sure to have a pretty marble coaster on each stand. My nightstand has a little tray for jewelry, while Greg’s has a little leather bin that holds the tv remote and chapstick. You can view some of my favorite options here.

4. Mix heights and textures

When decorating a space I always vary heights and textures. Being intentional about mixing textures was a huge transformation for me and really helped me to get the look I was desiring. I tend to minimize shiny or glossy items in my home.. this took me a long time to learn but I prefer the look of matte or natural textured items. Whatever your style is, mixing textures and patterns is the perfect way to create a beautiful space.

– My Favorite Styling Accessories –

5. Layer, Layer, Layer

Layering is an easy way to create visual interest. Try setting a plant or candle on a book rather than directly on the surface. You could also layer with coasters, baskets or bowls. I typically gather way too many items and move them around until I am happy with the result. Don’t be afraid to try something new! To help with this I have linked some of my favorites here!

I still would love to do a gallery wall in here and eventually add some curtains to soften the wall with the windows, but I am so happy with how everything turned out! I hope that you found this helpful. Let me know if you have any questions! Have a great week!


Paint Color: Magnolia- Yarn

Bedding: Duvet Cover- Casaluna, Quilt- Threshold, Knit Blanket- Casaluna,

Books: Made For Living & Live Beautiful

Lamps: No longer available, similar here.

Decor Items: Plant, Candles, Pots

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