A Valentine’s Day Tradition, & A Gift For You


This kiddo is all about the holidays around here.. he loves every single one of them! The decorations.. the food.. the crafts.. he’s here for it. For Valentine’s Day last year I had made heart shaped french toast with pink frosting drizzled across it. After putting such little thought into it, I was surprised to hear that he wanted the same breakfast again this year… no substitutions. I love knowing that something so simple made him feel special!

To add to the fun this year I created a placemat for him. Before he wakes up I will write in ‘What I love about you’, and he can color in the rest. As a boy mom I know my days of celebrating this holiday are dwindling, so I will make the most of it while I can!

Do you want to print one for your kiddo as well? If you think this is something that would brighten their day, follow the link below. It’s free to download and costs less than a dollar to print. (For those of you local to me, I just emailed the PDF to Nebraska Print Works.)

Click here to receive your Valentine’s Day Placemat Printable!

Thank you for being here, I hope you enjoy this!

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